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Drone Threat Ahead Of Independence Day Keep Security Forces On Their Toes | Ground Report

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India is on a high alert as army is on an operation clean up in jammu and kashmir drones have now become a new tool for terrorists drones across the border have also become a new nightmare for the security forces Indies

Times has visited the international border in samba sector to know how equipped our germans are to deal with this new terror tool here’s a complete report coming day before independence day india is on

Highest alert the threat of a new enemy looms drones are the latest security nightmare and along the international border indian security forces are leaving nothing to chance

the border along jammu and kashmir’s samba sector has been relatively calm since the february ceasefire [Applause] but drones from across the border have kept the forces on their doors

And as pakistan is changing its terror tactics the bsf2 has reinvented its counter-terror operations bsf men patrolling the international border in a tactical move for every inch of the

New anti-drone mechanisms are being tried and tested by security forces to deal with the new menace bsf is also innovating the bsf has innovated with lmg mounted guns with laser if you can see that is that line going right up

there so whether it’s technology solutions like the handheld thermal images we’re talking about vehicle mounted thermal images there is other technology uh

There are cctv there is the wired fence and now we also have technology which is being ushered in to ensure that as far as the drone threat is concerned that is taken care of the bsf is also relying on eyes and ears on the ground

we are in bobia village where bsf is conducting an outreach program to inform and to inculcate within these border villages about how to inform bsf if they cite a drone

This is the latest modus apranda of the pakistani operatives and this is how a small program like this is being conducted in every village activities [Music] even as india foreign alert base of jawans man the international

l borders in the dark in view of the drone threat from across the border bsf has brought in technology but it has also done innovation like

This Indies Times is on ground zero at international border at the forward post to bring you innovative measures like this brought in by security forces especially the bsf which is

at the first line of defense to ensure a safer india the bsf is vigilant of possible drone threats ahead of independence day 15th august we have received certain inputs which indicate the possibility of a couple of

Attacks which can take place to counter these we have used certain active and passive measures which are in force and they are deployed intelligence-based operations are being carried out to neutralize threats from the skies

the drone phenomena is something which has been happening for the past one year and a large number of drone sorties have come inside

Around 40 of them have been counted so far the good thing is that 25 out of those 40 sorties the weapons which were dropped have been intercepted these recent

encounters which i’m talking of one in pangaea three days back in rajori district and the other one in bandipo in both the cases three terrorists who crossed over to pakistan are on the basis of valid travel documents have come back as part of the

Terrorist groups after obtaining training in amsterdam nation indian security forces are leaving no stones unturned to foil pakistan’s devious designs with kamal jeet sandhu in samba sector

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