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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Lionel Messi agrees on Paris St-Germain deal after Barcelona exit

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Now in the last few minutes, lionel

Messi has arrived in Paris to undergo a medical at Paris saint-Germain after agreeing on a two-

year deal with the French club the Argentinian star waved to waiting fans from the airport after
leaving Barcelona for France Messi confirmed his exit from Barcelona in a tearful farewell on sunday after 21 years with the club

Now these are live pictures let’s show you them in Paris where fans have been waiting for a glimpse
e of the footballer at le Bourget airport and the club stadium Messi confirmed his exit from

Barcelona and let’s go to Katie Cornell’s report for the first time in his career Leonardo

Messi knew he would start the season somewhere other than Barcelona but where

He would go to next has been the subject of much talk fans of Paris saint-Germain were

confident their city was the most logical destination since yesterday they gathered at the park de pran

stadium waiting after all PSG a club backed by Qatari money are one of the few that can afford

Lionel Messi

a 34-year-old master like Messi the record six times ballon d’Or winner is set to play alongside

Kylian mbappe and his former basta teammate Neymar in what will surely be the most fearsome attack in
world football you know you have to go to social media the debate is already in the street

embraced Neymar the best trio ever in history i say at the moment perhaps uh Neymar and messiah

Barcelona because they won everything that yeah but quite close those three now but

We’ll see how far they can go Messi’s numbers are staggering in 778 games for basser he scored 672 goals secured 10 league titles and

there could have been more Messi never wanted to leave bassa in a tearful press conference on Sunday
he said he

he was going to stay in the city he calls home this is really difficult for me after so
many years but the club due to la liga salary cap rules could no longer

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