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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Backlash grows against US President Joe Biden for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

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Now following the fall of Kabul through the Taliban the American global reputation and its

geopolitical value has gone up in flames after facing recrimination anger and shames the American leader’s

strategists and politicians are raging against each other in a bitter blame game now back in January us

president joe Biden proudly proclaimed America is back on the world stage after taking the white house now in

Less than five months chaos and confusion has gripped his presidency as joe Biden

sits at camp David watching Afghanistan
fall apart these images were shared by the official Twitter account of the white house the u.s president held virtual meetings with members

of his national security team diplomats and intelligence experts the white house statement

says I’m quoting here those in power and authority across the country

Bear responsibility and accountability for the protection of human life and property and for

the immediate restoration of security and civil order the Afghan people deserve to live in

safety security and dignity we in the international community stand ready to assist them Afghanistan is far from safety and stability

far from what Biden had promised us embassy is abandoned no flagstaff or diplomats the only thing

We can see are images of American diplomats fleeing the u.s embassy in helicopters American choppers doing

shuttle runs between u.s embassy and Kabul airport these images are eerily similar to the fall of Saigon in north

Vietnam in 1975. social media was quick to spot a deja vu moment for the world when us had s

uffered a humiliating loss in Vietnam just like in Kabul and America had to scramble to evacuate

Its citizens from Saigon perhaps the most naming moment for joe Biden where his own words at the white

house news conference on 8th of July Biden explicitly declared that there would be no parallels between

the u.s withdrawal from Afghanistan in the fall of Saigon there’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof

Of an embassy in the of the united states from Afghanistan former president of the united

states Donald Trump has yet again ambassador Joe Biden Trump has called for Biden’s resignation he said I’m quoting again it is time for Joe Biden to resign

Donald Trump, US President Joe Biden, joe biden, Afghan policy, latest international news updates, A

in disgrace for what he has allowed happening in Afghanistan he has called Biden’s move legendary

and said that the decision will go down in history as

America’s greatest defeats it is also important to know that the decision to withdraw American

troops from Afghanistan was taken by Biden’s predecessor Donald trump the 45th president

of America dr Donald j trump was one of one who approved the peace agreement with

the Taliban in his final days in office i spoke to the leader of the Taliban today

We had a good conversation eventually countries have to take care of themselves we can’t be there
for the next uh another 20 years we’ve been there for 20 years and we’ve been protecting the

country but we can’t be there for

the next eventually they’re going to have to protect themselves you know beyond is now available in

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