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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Twitter interfering in India’s political process, says Rahul Gandhi

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The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has now ,accused twitter of interfering in India’s political process by locking his account in an

unsparing attack at the social media giant Rahul said that Twitter action has breached the idea that.

Twitter is a neutral platform in fact alleging that Twitter is biased Rahul Gandhi said that the

the social media giant is working at the behest of the central government

Twitter handles of Rahul gandhi and many other congress leaders and workers were locked for sharing photographs that showed

Rahul Gandhi interacting with the family of the nine-year-old girl who was allegedly raped

and murdered in Delhi last week by

Rahul Gandhi Say

File:Rahul Gandhi speaking.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
rahul gandhi

Shutting down my Twitter they’re interfering in

our political process a company is making its business to define our politics and as a politician, I don’t like that this is an attack on the

the democratic structure of the country this Is not an attack on Rahul Gandhi this is not uh you

know simply shutting Rahul Gandhi down i have 19 20 million followers you’re denying them the right to an

the opinion that’s what you’re doing so this is not only patently

unfair uh this is they’re breaching the idea that Twitter is a neutral platform and for the

investors this is a very dangerous,thing because taking sides In the political contest has repercussions.

for twitter meanwhile, this entire issue has also taken another turn after

complaining about Rahul Gandhi’s , Twitter post the national commission for production of

child rights have asked facebook also to take action against the Instagram account of congress leader Rahul Gandhi

for uploading a video that revealed the identity of this nine-year-old girl’s family PCR has asked Facebook

To take appropriate action against the account meanwhile congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has

also accused the social media giant of bias taking to Twitter she

asked as to why twitter account of the scheduled cast commission was not locked and that

had tweeted out similar photos a Priyanka also alleged twitter is blatantly colluding with

the center to stifle democracy, in fact, uh Congress spokesperson gave Shergill alleged that

Bjp is pressurizing twitter and the intention is to gag foreign twitter

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