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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s statue was desecrated in Pakistan

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Moving on now to news just coming in from Pakistan there is no place for

minorities in Pakistan the statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh at the Lahore fort was damage

For a third time today after temples were target now the statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh has been damage

once again this is the video that shows how the statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was damage
the suspect whose

Identity could not find out immediately struck the body with bare hands resulting in the
breakage and damage to arms and other let’s first go across but the first the temples were
the target in Pakistan and now the statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh has been damage and

This in fact has happened for the third time and it clear exposes Pakistan that what sort

of condition the minorities are living in over there you know for a fact that how every time
uh Imran khan comes out to speak he says that minorities are safe in Pakistan but we know
for a fact that our temples are being attacked over there, the gurdwaras
are being attack and now the statue of maharana Ranjit Singh has been

Statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh destroyed in Pakistan: file

Completely destroyed Damged over there now the Akali dal has said that
according to their sources were there in Pakistan he was somebody who was from

the tli party and tli is a very radical party in Pakistan they have earlier also indulged

in such cases so we have to wait and watch what action would be take but this time

Around only words only tweets would not work we know that how for watch or Pakistan minister has

Tweeted but it’s i i watch no action a strict action should be take because you know

uh this kind of internet keeper now keeps on happening given the fact that how uh the

These people don’t appreciate their legends, heroes, and gods.

radical elements who are there in Pakistan and that then such incidents keep on

Happening now we know for a fact that hawa Khalid has also written to the joint

secretary mea and also they will be taking up this further and they say that uh the

statue which has been Damage should again be rearrange
as soon as possible but yes it’s again exposed Pakistan on the global state that how

video source PTC Punjabi

minorities their heroes the statues over there their temples their gurdwaras and other religious places are not at all safe

Over there because the third time that this incident has happened over there

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