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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

India could get its first woman Chief Justice in BV Nagarathna

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21 months after sending its last recommendations to the center the supreme court collegium today has

recommended nine names for elevation to the apex court in a bid to fill judicial vacancies

and three women jurists have made the cut and this could be really setting the stage for

justice Nagaratna to become the first women chief justice of the country let me take

it across to my colleague Sharma is getting in all the details 21 months after sending its

last recommendation to the center for the elevation of judges to India’s top court the supreme

court collegium has finalized nine names as part of fresh recommendations to

the center to fill judicial vacancies nine jurists have been recommend after

deliberations by the five-judge collegium which has been makeover, after the

retirement of justice rf Narraman last week who was Earlier a member of the collegium

if the jurists are raised to the apex code by the center justice bivi nagaratna will become

the first woman to assume charge as the chief justice of India in 2027 but the order

in which the judges are raise will decide their seniority in the court as all top court

judges are authorized. to retire at the age of 65.

justice Vikram not and senior lawyer ps Narasimha

may also become chief justices If their names are cleared by the center and they are

sworn in before other judges with justice Naveen Sinha demating office today there

are ten vacancies in the supreme court whose collegium had last sent

recommendations to the center in November 2019 before the retirement of 10

CJI Justice Ranjan Gogoi rising vacancies of judges and lack of physical hearings during the

pandemic has led to an increase in the number of pending cases from 60 000 to Around 70 000 in

the supreme court all right I have money many thanks for getting in all those details in

fact earlier in the day the chief justice of the country envy Ramana also expressed his

the displeasure on some of those names that were doing the rounds in media reports as

well saying that media must understand and recognize the sanctity of the apex court

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