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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

India approves Zydus Cadila’s DNA based COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use

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And this is some big breaking news that’s coming in at this now zeider scheduler has received

approval for emergency use authorization from the drug controller general of India

this is the world’s first in india’s developed DNA based vaccine for covid

which will be administer in in children and adults above 12 so essentially this is the first

covet vaccine for children that’s got the nod As far as India is concern those are the

details here big breaking news coming in this is vaccines for children uh which has now

got the nod zeitus scheduler gets the approval for emergency use has got the emergency use

authorization as it’s called from the drugs controller general of India this is the world’s first

in india’s indigenously developed dna based vaccine that will be administer both in children

and adults uh 12 and above Those are the latest details here we’re just going to try and get our

reporter to get more on this aashman joining us for more on this aishman if you can take

us through what the details are and what does this now mean timelines and processes

that will on required for our children to actually start getting well it’s been uh more than a

month of me that we saw the application of diabetes candela there with the Regulator for the approval of its

DNA based vaccine it’s a vaccine that will be given to the applicator it is not needle-based

Vaccine, so the applicator would be needing, will in needed while you are administering this

vaccine so uh this is a vaccine which is placed on
on the DNA platform it’s a new vaccine it’s a new

the method that is there in this indigenous method that has been there in India and it’s the first

Vaccine of DNA on a platform which has got the approval we have seen the mRNA vaccine

getting approval the viral vector method is actually getting approval so here uh in India

the second indigenous vaccine gets approval the regulatory node from uh the

regulators and more important while we are chasing the virus it is more important

to highlight here that this vaccine style has also taken place

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