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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Afghan footballer falls to death from US plane in Kabul

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The un refugee agency is urging neighboring countries to keep their borders open to
allow people to seek asylum in light of the situation inside Afghanistan these
The latest pictures show people waiting in the open near Kabul airport hoping for a flight

out of the country the unhcr says most afghans are unable to leave their homeland and that those

who may be in danger have no clear waycrowd control Taliban style outside the airport thousands of people desperate to

leave this is the road anyone being evacuated has to travel along the Taliban repeated

stopped us filming they don’t like the images of so many afghans fleeing their

room they’ve denied claims they’re at times preventing some afghans with valid

Documents from entering the airport but many of those here don’t have a visa
they’re still hoping somehow to leave i want to go anywhere else other than here

says this man all the embassies and offices are close what can I do then Taliban

fighters bring the interview to an end the Taliban are everywhere you go in Kabul they’re
heave armed but for the most part in the city they’re friendly

outside the Canadian embassy more chaos hundreds of people
scribbling their names on pieces of paper hoping it will somehow lead to a visa the

the embassy has already been evacuating these people have no real information about what

they can do to leave Afghanistan but they’re desperate in fact they’re coming to
us they’re asking us is it true will the canadians give me

A visa the fact is most of these people will never get one this family haven’t spoken to anyone at
the embassy but heard rumors if they turn up they’ll find help there’s war misery I can’t
even buy bread for my children says this man new footage of the even more chaotic
scenes at the airport earlier this week some parents so desperate they hand their children over and new details on the horrifying story

Of those who lost their lives one of the young men who fell from a plane clinging to
it even after takeoff a talented footballer who had played for the national youth
team part of a generation of afghans now facing a deeply uncertain future sekanda

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