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Thousands in US flee as Hurricane Ida bears down on Louisiana

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U.s weather forecasters have warned that the storm approaching Louisiana could be more powerful than Hurricane Katrina which devastated new Orleans 16 years ago ida is expected to make landfall in the next few hours evacuation orders are in place for large areas of the state wild state while tens of thousands of people are on the move to get to safer areas neda taffy reports from new orleans

In new Orleans residents prepare for the worst even as they hope for the best it’s 16 years to the day since hurricane Katrina devastated the city on this unforgettable anniversary the region is bracing for the landfall of what could be the strongest storm to hit Louisiana in more than a century locked everything down moved everything that could blow away uh filled up all the vehicles uh put everything in the freezer have everything ready to go um case way

Without power a few days because it looks like it’s coming right at us it’s just one of the things you’ve got to live with when you live down here it’s going to come to no matter what so we’re going to do the best we can media’s growing power took officials by surprise many rushed to leave the area but time ran out to organize a mandatory mass evacuation of the city’s 390 thousand residents just two days ago the storm was a

Tropical depression your window of time is closing it is rapidly closing and just like we said yesterday by the time you go to bed tonight you need to be where you intend to ride the storm out and you need to be as prepared as you can be because the weather will start to deteriorate very quickly it’s expected to bring winds as high as 130 miles per hour a storm surge as high

As 15 feet in some areas and extreme flash flooding conditions that could threaten life communities and key infrastructure memories of the pain of hurricane Katrina still haunt the city the failure of federal levees left 80 percent of new Orleans underwater the storm killed more than 1800 people and left millions homeless here and along the gulf coast officials stress that the city’s hurricane protections have vastly

Improved since then if ida hits at full strength it will be a significant test of that system neda taufiq new orleans well we are just a few hours from the point at which ida is expected to make landfall evacuation orders in place for large areas of the state now this report from thomas shafanaka of down on the coast of Louisiana an extremely dangerous hurricane and here it is on

In the satellite picture you can see a catherine wheel of storms swirling about an eye the center of the storm and just in these last few frames if you look carefully you can see how bright and symmetrical that shield of cloud is around the eye that means it’s an ideal textbook hurricane it’s flourished over the warm waters of the gulf of Mexico hence it’s so powerful and here are the key messages landfall Sunday afternoon local time as a

Category 4 with a storm surge of 4 meters or more in the worst area and 2 to 500 millimeters of rain brought by this storm as it moves across the region so here it is the point of impact as it reaches the mouth of the Mississippi river and the winds swirling around it also push that mound of water the storm surge up to four meters at the worst so the storm is going to roar ashore and then move northwards through the course of the

Next few days but on top of that of course it’s a very hot very humid part of the world so with all the flooding the power outages it’s going to be a very nasty place once this storm moves away I’ve been talking to Aaron jay jack a storm chaser monitoring the situation from the city of Thibodeau in Louisiana so right now it’s uh things are still relatively calm the winds are starting to pick up a

Little bit so we are starting to see those outer bands are starting to make their way here towards the coast and that eye is well within the range of radar you can see it’s very you know mean-looking vicious-looking eye uh dangerous cat 4 high-end cat 4 hurricane it’s still intensifying too it has the potential to become a cat 5 hurricane even so that’s not out of the question and I’m here in Thibodeau uh currently I just looks like it might be a little bit

To the west of the eye still in the eye but on that western eye but I might my preference is uh I’m extreme storm chasing so I want to try and get right into the that worst damage uh that damage but the worst winds the most power but which obviously causes damage I’m gonna try and stay out of the damage but uh try and document what happens here and so I may need to shift a little bit to the east I’m looking at Raceland uh Louisiana but all this area here from

Anywhere from morgan city to new Orleans is under the gun here right in the path of this dangerous storm uh category four could go category five so you are doing exactly the opposite to thousands of people why you know that’s just I’ve always been uh fascinated with weather uh I’ve always been I’ve had a love for the weather there I like to experience weather and you know my goal is to be that you know that
my footage you know

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