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Sunday, October 17, 2021

US strike targets suicide bomber ‘aiming to attack Kabul airport

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The u.s military has confirmed in the last few minutes that it’s carried out a drone strike today on a vehicle in Kabul as it says eliminating an imminent isis k threat to Hamad Karzai international airport that’s just through and our correspondent nomia Iqbal is in Washington named what more can you tell us yes so we received the statement from the united states central command uh

Confirming that this uh defense strike did take place it happened on a vehicle in Kabul and it was to eliminate an imminent isis k threat to the airport just to read the statement to you they said we are confident we successfully hit the target they said that they are assessing the possibilities of civilian casualties though they do not indicate at this time if anyone was killed and

They are remaining vigilant for potential future threats we don’t know if this was if they eliminated the threat that they warned about yesterday which was that isis k could hit in the next 24 to 36 hours but of course, isis k is a threat that is very real and very significant that America is incredibly concerned about they took responsibility for the deaths

Of dozens of afghans on Thursday in that suicide blast and also the deaths of 13 u.s service members their bodies were flown home last night to America and uh they will be honored in the official process of the dignified transfer here in us around about noon uh president Biden will, of course, oversee that but that will be a gut punch for him that’s not what he wanted he did not want to see

Americans coming home in coffins it will be one of the hardest tasks for him to do as a president it is his first dignified transfer process since becoming president named in Washington thank you let’s go live now to our correspondent Regina Vaidyanathan who’s watching developments across the region and in Kabul uh Rajini on the ground what do we know about the security situation

Well it’s been a very heightened sense of security as that august 31st deadline approaches now as we know um other countries like the UK France uh Italy have recently wrapped up their evacuation operations but we says it will continue those until that deadline now we’re hearing that there is a much more fortified security presence at the approach to um the airport in Kabul with the Taliban setting up many many more checkpoints so

Only people who have the relevant paperwork are actually able to get to the gate that’s what we’re being hearing so of course all those many afghans who want to leave the country who have the eligible uh reason to do so um as well uh some of those who aren’t able to get on flights that is a question mark now, of course, Philippa now we’ve been hearing from the national security adviser in the united states jake Sullivan

Who said uh that uh to a u.s uh network that uh us government has been privately assured uh by the Taliban that they will be able to give Americans and those eligible for uh resettlement in America safe passage beyond that august 31st deadline so that is something that the national security adviser was saying of course how that will actually work out is unclear um at the moment the u.s says it still controls the airport in Kabul but the

Dalai bam says it is ready to take over with a smooth transition and of course then that raises more question marks about how this safe passage will continue but I can’t say enough that not everyone who wants to leave the country will be able to and that really does raise big questions about what is left behind for many people who are unsure and afraid of what will come next under Taliban r

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