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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Nifty tops 17,000 level, climbs from 16K to 17K in just 28 days

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markets effect 17 000 it’s become a historic day uh in the markets today definitely breaking
news and the 16 to 17 journey has been pretty fast it’s you know it’s not taking much time as far as this is concern

I think banking names have led the second half of the movie so i think that
is something that you know one should look at, as well as reliance, has started

To move in the past series or in the month of august itself and Bharti of course

did uh lift the sentiment so definitely a historic day definitely a day to remember
uh in this particular series we’ll try and get Nikon as well to just talking about

it’s not that it’s a big thing I mean we were 16 950 levels earlier and now we are
at 17 000 you can see uh you know the markets just hit that level then came back came down five points I mean it

Tends to happen at these levels when we just talk about these names but you know it’s clearly
looking in on an extremely strong side and it’s Bharti IOC Adani port Sri cement Hindalco

that’s taking the markets in today’s session higher but I don’t think it’s about stocks it’s just
about celebration it’s just about what’s happening in that nifty has hit the 17 000 marks

at this point of time uh interesting day historic day we’ve covered nifty 10 000 in a big way did

Not really think that this day also would come in uh so soon uh in the market an

important day Cheryl uh let’s just get some perspective you know let’s try and build
on to this uh particular momentum 16 993 for the markets if I just look at the data

you know it just gets a sense that you know this time around it’s not being traditional

you know so-called most like most loved names that have tried to make a comeback but

It’s gone beyond that and markets have tried to go on beyond those particular stocks

and uh you know names that just tried to take the market higher earlier as we went
down at the 17 000, there has been an 8 10 point correction uh in the market but
again you know it’s just an important day that we are talking about it doesn’t matter

on you know what happens uh from here on at this point of time it’s been a good month for the Indian equities uh with the Sensex

Outperforming the rest of the world with a gain of more than eight percent so far this

month the nifty is also up about seven percent and set for the best month that we’ve had
since uh uh December last year uh the nifty bank also said to snap its two-month losing

streak and there’s been some smart recovery for the small and the mid-cap indices

as well as far as sectoral performance is concerned you have the nifty it index that’s been the best performer more than 10 percent

Return so far this month followed by the nifty FMCG which is also up about 800 percent on the
losing end you have the Nifty PSU Bank index along with the nifty media index which

is down about five to ten percent each in the month of august uh uh stock-specific

action the best contributors, uh you have the HTPC twins reliance industries TCS

and Infosys which have contributed more than fifty percent of nifty’s gained this month and the best performing fno stocks

Are mine tree apollo hospitals and tech Mahindra on the losing end you have Vodafone idea

manapuram finance and Aurobindo which have each declined more than 20 percent in

the month so far and there’s been significant wealth creation as well uh India’s market

capitalization has gone up significantly to about 3.28 trillion dollars and the ones

that have contributed the most are tcs nearly two lakh crores and reliance industries more than one lake has added

To its market capitalization followed by Maruti and dr reddy’s which have seen a shedding of more than 10 000 crores each to their market cap

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