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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Taliban in Afghanistan: America’s 20-year campaign comes to an end; last US planes leave Kabul

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Today marks the day of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan following
a 20-year intervention that began in October 2001 in the aftermath of the September 11 terror attacks

in new york and Washington the united states had then pledged to oust the Taliban and
remove terror from Afghan soil but 20 years on many have said that this in fact marks a strategic defeat for the

The United States as well as nato with the Taliban managing to recapture Kabul
and the fears of Afghanistan once again being used as territory to foment terror attacks across

the world being re-ignited let’s listen in to what general Mackenzie the u.s commander of the

the central command had to say on the anniversary now of the American withdrawal
from Afghanistan which is today the 31st of august while the military evacuation is complete the

A diplomatic mission to ensure extra u.s citizens and eligible Afghans who want

to leave continues and I know that you have heard and I know that you’re going to hear
more about that from the state department shortly tonight’s withdrawal signifies

both the end of the military component of the evacuation but also the end of the nearly 20-year
mission that began in Afghanistan shortly after September 11, 2001.

It’s a mission that brought Osama bin laden to a just end along with many of his al-Qaeda
co-conspirators and it was not a cheap mission the cost was 2461 u.s service members and

civilians were kill and more than 20 000 who were injured sadly that includes 13 u.s service

members who were kill last week by an isis k suicide bomber we honor their sacrifice today

as we remember their heroic accomplishments major general Chris Donahue was the last

American soldier to leave Afghanistan tmarks the day of American withdrawal from
Afghanistan after an almost 20-year intervention but at the end of it all seems that we’re

back to square one as far as the world is concern from where we left off 20 years ago yes in fact without you absolutely right it’s back

To square one we’re from exactly the Americans have started 20 years back the things
have come back to the same situation that time they were able to defeat the Taliban and

finally, they were able to occupy this land with the promise that it would be a great future

for the people of Afghanistan though there had been a celebrity fired from Taliban
side the last when the last American year left uh Kabul airbase it is not going to be the victory for

People of Afghanistan because they know the life is going to be a real mess for them so it’s at the

end of the day who really had suffered the people of Afghanistan because then 20 years back Americans

had come and they were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but there had been several

twists and turned or during the last 20 years but despite that, we were quite happy
with whatever really was happening because it was at least better than the

Taliban rule because they had some feeling of democracy I had been injecting to
the people but now again they know that things will not be the same we have already
seen that it’s going to be the victory of Islamist radical forces will feel strengthened

because ever since the Taliban have taken over Kabul and now Americans leaving

it is definitely going to galvanize the jihadist forces all over and not only that but the Islamist radical will be strengthened because

It’s going to send a message to them that how they had been able to defeat the world’s top powers like the

united states of America and the night of forces and finally they had been able to make them leave

this place because that is what actually the message they will try to convey but if you look at from the

Afghanistan people point of view they are going to suffer because reason being already we have seen the kind of Taliban Vermont

The announcement that has made that now onwards there will be no music and the women
will not be allowed to go to work the girls and the boys cannot study together with their execution
process has started they are fearing a represent also we have seen that how during the last few days they had been scrambling to the airport

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