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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Taliban released ISIS-K recruiter Aijaz Ahangar from Afghanistan jail, India’s most-wanted terrorist

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Let’s begin the broadcast with this super news break another proof of the Pakistan

Taliban nexus is out now in the open among thousands of prisoners who were released

in Afghanistan after the hostile takeover by the Taliban one name

that has surfaced portrays a clear and present danger to India wanted for more than two decades and the top recruiter of the isis Jammu and Kashmir Ajah zahingar was also released by the Talibs

To create unrest in Jammu and Kashmir Pedraza escaped to Pakistan via Bangladesh

in the 90s he was a chief recruiter of the Islamic State Jammu and Kashmir and handled terror activities and recruited people from India he joined isis on the behest of the Pakistani ISI and he was arrested by the Afghan forces last year he is among all those al-Qaeda and Isis fighters who have been released

From afghan prisons clearly what Taliban claims that it has no links with al-Qaeda and Isis has been exposed many

times once again another proof out of the Taliban al-Qaeda ISI nexus and Ajah zahingar an active terrorist in the

Kashmir valley in the 1990s fled to Pakistan through Bangladesh he later went on to join isis and was arrested by the Afghan forces in 2020

about a terrorist an active terrorist who was uh in the valley in the 1990s he recruited for the Islamic state Jamun Kashmir established several terrorist cells he’s been released now from the Afghan prison

Clearly, the Taliban’s k plot has been exposed uh well absolutely right it started in Kashmir for him when he was

instrumental in the valley then he moved on and after his release, he was actually held here and after his release

then he moved to Pakistan and that’s where he resided for several years carried on his activities and later on he

moved to Afghanistan first with the al-Qaeda then he shifted to the Islamic state now according to

Reports according to sources he is one of those people who have been released the prison we saw those images going

out of how these prisoners escaped and how they were moving in Kabul and since then we are told that he is the

man who was instrumental in recruiting several people not just from India but Sri Lanka Bangladesh and while he was arrested one of the main things to mention here that he was allegedly arrested along with the ISI Quran chief

When after the Kabul of gurdwara attack now there were several errors made and one of them was him he initially

tried to hide his identity but later on revealing that he is the man who is wanted not only in India but also by the

Afghan forces he was identified as Ajah’s anger now interestingly his son-in-law was also killed in a drone strike and he was he along with his uh son uh are claimed by the security

Agencies that he was instrumental in recruiting several people from not only Kashmir valley but also from Kerala

and the man who carried out that particular attack on the gurdwara was also part of the entire module now the

challenge for the security forces here would be to actually track him down because it could be posing a challenge for

the Indian security establishment from working from Kabul and trying to learn to stay on with us the entire terror

The profile is being exposed here on times now the entire family in fact not just Ijaz’s son-in-law his son his father-in-law have been continuously recruiting the youth from Jammu and Kashmir from all over the world pushing them into carrying out jihadi terror attacks let’s also go across to our executive editor what is important here uh to establish Nikon is the Pakistani angle because after rajas fled to Pakistan in the 90s he was

Shielded there he was looked after protected and help was helped by the ISI in settling in Pakistan and continuing in carrying out those terror activities well absolutely Swati and why did Pakistan do all of this Pakistan obviously has been channelizing all the resources marshaling all the resources that it can both in terms of manpower and resources were with all otherwise required to carry out their dirty war both inside Afghanistan and inside India

In Jammu and Kashmir particularly and they have spared no attempt to target other sectors in interland in India the entire attempt is to marshal every possible resource and hangar is one of one such resource for the Pakistanis now why was he caught up why was he caught why was he arrested with the risks the so-called Islamic State Khorasan province which I have been saying and the global scholarship and the intelligence community has been saying

Is nothing but yet another fig leaf smoke screen hogwash created by the Pakistan intelligence inter-services intelligence that is to to to create a smokescreen against the Taliban and trying to portray those individuals in the risk responsible for large-scale mayhem and carnage while the Taliban is trying to administer the country like some san Joan or some sane administer administrators so the fact remains that risk is completely a creation of

Pakistan that is why it is worrisome that Indian component like are engaged with it it is a figment of nobody’s imagination that this man then in April 2020 was arrested by the nds the national defense security directorate of Afghanistan along with the risks chief and that also shows to you the tango between the Pakistan sponsored militant groups and the individuals whom they have used over the years as a resource

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