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Separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani dies at 92 in Srinagar, internet suspended in Kashmir Valley

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With the death of said Alisha Gillani the founder of the haryath movement and became
the face of the separatist movement in Jammu and Kashmir he died at the age of 92 he was somebody

who advocated a merger of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan and this marks an end to a
chapter of anti-India and separatist politics in the union territory of Jammu and

Kashmir Sohil saran a reporter in Jammu and Kashmir has sent us this ground report in

the aftermath of Gilani’s death following the death of said Alisha ghilani restrictions

have been impose in Kashmir valley in Srinagar city all the main roads have been seal

and all those routes that lead to said Alisha Ghailani’s residence in Madhapur area has

been seale and here you can see this deployment of the security personnel on-road and in fact at various

Intersections there is the immense deployment of the security forces who are trying to ensure

that people stay indoor in fact in Kashmir Vijay Kumar has been appealing to people to
stay indoors so that the law and order situation in Srinagar city and other parts of Kashmir

valley is under control at the same time mobile internet services have been uh
snapped to contain law and order with camera president Shafiq malik this

Is for times now in Srinagar we come back to sohil saran for the latest updates in the aftermath of Mr. Ghailani’s death

so hell you just briefed us a very short while ago about the security arrangements that are in

place in the aftermath of Mr Ghailani’s passing what’s the ground view like in Jammu

and Kashmir right now does the administration in Jammu and Kashmir anticipate trouble uh in the aftermath

Of Mr. Ghailani’s death absolutely the security agency is fearing law and order disturbance in Kashmir

valley you know considering all these aspects all these situations restrictions have been put

in place across the Kashmir region and in fact, internet services have been suspend uh

broadband services have been suspend mobile phones except bsnl aren’t working and

All these law enforcement agencies swung into action soon after the news was confirm by the family

members officer ghilani that he is no more because Gilani wasn’t feeling well for the last two

weeks his condition was critical late last night the family confirmed it to the authorities following

which all the roads the main roads have been seale and all those routes that lead to

said Alicia Gilani’s residence have been barricad with wires and in fact there

Is restriction for the civilian traffic and in Kashmir Vijay Kumar has appealed people of Kashmir

to stay indoor because uh suspecting there would be law in order disturbance the security agencies are

trying to you know to contain this situation in fact telling people that they should not come

out that’s right and in fact even only those people who were heading to the airport

were allow but apart from that there are restrictions for the civilian movement

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