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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Tokyo Paralympics: Suhas Yathiraj wins silver medal in men’s singles badminton SL4 event

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from the Tokyo Paralympics Suhar salvia has won silver in the badminton men’s single he

narrowly missed the gold medal and the podium finish at the Tokyo Paralympic games
but it’s a well-deserved silver that suhaas raj has now won he’s lost to his french opponent

listen to a reaction coming in from his wife it was a very well played very well extremely well-played match just may say

Almost at every stage it was a tie-breaker sort of bhati decisive master and I’m proud of him I’m extremely proud of him

collates are pouring in for Suhas ly prime minister Modi has also taken to Twitter so has
the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh yogi adityanath I’m just going to read out what prim
e minister Modi has said he says in my quote a fantastic confluence of service
and sports the dm of Gotham bud Nagar shamash yathiraj has

Captured the imagination of our entire nation thanks to his exceptional sporting

performance congratulations to him on winning the silva in badminton Karishma is

with me for more on this now Karishma he is the world number three uh as far as

ranking in the sl4 category is concerned and he narrowly missed the gold he lost

to a top seed french opponent well yes absolutely what a closely fought a match this was losing in uh

Three games in fact he won the first game 21-15 but then uh you know lost the

next two games and Lucas Mazur winning the gold medal but uh Suhas yatiraj
what an inspiration he is he was made the Noida a district magistrate during
the pandemic and from there multitasking preparing for the Paralympics

para badminton’s debut at the Paralympics this time around and uh uh sahasri
yathiraj you know winning the 18th medal for India a silver medal in uh badminton

To yes uh his story is that of you know grid determination and uh inspiration like pm Modi also tweeted saying

that it is a very very exciting victory even yogi adityanath are saying that it is such a good job

done uh by uh Suhas yathiraj to be successful in the Paralympics and you know since

the Paralympics have started this has been India’s best uh showing at the games with 18 medals already in our kitty and Krishna Nagar

Has started playing his gold medal match so one medal assured over there as well

Poonam but yes what a moment for suhas yathiraj we were listening to people you know

close to him who was talking about how he has trained for these Paralympics how
he wanted uh to win a medal and now everyone is waiting for suhas yatiraj to
come back to India to give him the welcome that he clearly deserves.

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