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Kisan Mahapanchayat concludes in Muzaffarnagar, SKM announces Bharat Bandh on Sept 27

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Has come to an end and the farmers have now announced map and chats to take place across uttar pradesh in the coming days the maha panchayat that was organized in muzaffar nagar has come

to an end we’ve been told that bharat band has been called on the 27th of september a decision taken during the maha panchayat let’s go christmas joining us in the broadcast with more details so the maha panchayat in

Muzaffar nagar has concluded they have taken a decision of organizing more such map and chats in the coming days and in fact the call for bharatman

has also been given vajula well yes here at muzaffar nagar has almost come to an end people are going back to the places from where they’ve come but the outcome of the entire panchayat was that the farmers were reiterating they were first first was to show their strength

Uh because uttar pradesh elections around the corner and this was one way or the other to show their strength to the present government and how they can change the course of election apart from that

the other announcements that came out of this entire mahapan chat is that farmers will be organizing more and more rallies across utah pradesh in the coming days the close to 17 rallies have been planned in places like haridwar and

Varanasi to name a few apart from that on the 27th of this month they’ve also gone on to they’ve also called for bharat panda it now remains to be seen how tactical will it be will there be

uh traveling all the way back to delhi or coming inside there will be something that we need to get clarity on but uh from the stage to this is what uh were the two big announcements that the summer readers and then they also reiterated

Their stand against the three laws and how the government hasn’t changed uh their standard to do this right thank you very much

for getting us those details we also in fact have a reaction coming in from rakesh ticket on this let’s listen to foreign [Laughter] and in fact uh the bjp the u.p government has hit back at the

The map and charter and the decisions that have been taken the deputy chief minister of uttar pradesh has slammed the opposition and has a left it’s the opposition that is calling the shots these are not farmers but sp bsp congress and rld is playing politics while keeping farmers at the forefront listening

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