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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Karnataka govt issues fresh guidelines for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations amid Covid pandemic

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Karnataka has announced some rules for the ganpati festival and the decision has been made that the festival may be celebrated in public

places no procession orchestra DJs will be allowed pandas must not be more than 50 by 50 feet the government following the festival but

many restrictions is there there is no procession there is no orchestra there

Is no dj and pendal must be 50 feet by 50 feet and kovid vaccination is compulsory wherever the public ganapathi festival is going on compulsory the government also do the camps there and wherever in the border districts

Wherever positive rate is more than two percent will not allow to do ganesha festival all right my colleague joins us for more neha the

government is treading with the caution especially given the situation in neighboring kerala

what more can you tell us about these relaxations these rules that have come up for ganpati celebrations so you know that’s right what we’re picking up now is

You know actually uh abide by these guidelines but the doctrine has urged them to

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