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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Afghanistan Crisis: Hasan Akhund to lead new Afghan govt, Abdul Ghani Baradar to be deputy leader

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Ttaliban spokesperson took to television and announced a cabinet the new regime that is going to rule afghanistan times now did not cut to the press conference because we don’t want to give platform viewers

To any jihadis on this channel of that we are very very clear but there’s an unmistakable message that has gone out tonight and all those in india who are arguing that the taliban is some reform regime that we must do business with it that we must embrace it as if it’s a long-lost brother because

It’s going to take afghanistan to great glory they will each one of them tonight have to apologize to this country why viewers because some of the most diabolical medieval-minded murderers terrorists and malevolent mullahs have been put into office it is a veritable list

Of maladroit psychopaths viewers and sociopaths that are in power mullah hassan akund is a prime minister abdul is the deputy prime minister abdul salam hanafi is the second deputy prime minister viewers

You will not believe that the interior minister is a member of a u.n designated terror organization it is like having a home minister who doubles up as a terrorist by the day these individuals viewers whose names you’re seeing on your screens are all sworn to exporting terror islamist terror

And destroying civilization as we know it and this has come to pass viewers in afghanistan tonight

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