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Sunday, October 17, 2021

ICC World T20: BCCI makes MS Dhoni mentor of Team India

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The bcc has announced a 15 member indian squad for the t20 world cup in uae Mahendra sing dhoni will be the mentor of the squad a squad that has a lot of young talent some surprises as well the biggest one being the shikhar davan has failed to make the cut several other changes as well karishma in fact is joining me with the key highlights of the just announced t20 squad karishma

Well it’s absolutely uh that’d be the t20 squad has been announced and uh there were fireworks when the squad was announced especially when uh the secretary joshua mentioned amazonian said that he has agreed to mentor the team uh for uh the t20 world cup he was very categorical in saying that this has been fixed only for the t20 world cup and the coach uh captain and vice captain which is ravi shastri virat kohli and rohit sharma have been spoken

To and they’re all on the same page as far as mm’s mentorship is a concern if we talk about the team uh tanvid and shikha dhawan has been dropped a year’s winner has been dropped there is no uh uh in the team chances have been given to ishan kishan rahul especially because of his injury deeper can shut down also there but all in all a very very balanced uh team and our ashman also back into the odi and t24

After the high test of four years the last time he played in uh you know in you know a blues was in 2017 tandy so it is a very very uh solid theme as for those chief uh selector jason sharma and also the secretary uh jay jay shah who believe this is the best team going into the t20 world cup so karishma you mentioned fireworks you mentioned fireworks when the announcement was being made and you know a lot of clarifications that came in as they

Announced that ms dhoni will be the mentor but what does that mean you know with various coaches uh involved in ravi shastri there uh you know captain uh a captain present what is the mentor going to be doing for the t20 squad well he is going to work very very closely with the team management with ravi shastri especially he is going to be uh you know closely working with the

Players as well when the t20 world cup starts remember india won the opening edition of the t20 world cup in a 2007 uh under the captaincy of uh
ms Dhoni somewhere that is being uh taken forward and he is now uh uh been chosen as the mentor for the t20 world cup and he will uh as jesha said working very very closely with the management especially uh ravi shaatri and the entire team of players who will be representing india at the t20 world cup it is going to be a

Very very exciting world cup and already all ms tony fans are very very excited to see uh their former captain back in india colors

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