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Saturday, October 16, 2021

I-T Department ‘Surveys’ Actor Sonu Sood’s house, office in Mumbai

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There’s some big breaking news which is coming in the income tax department is conducting a survey at sonu suits residents in fact what

we are picking up almost six places currently uh being surveyed because they are all linked to the actor sonu remember this tax survey is coming

uh after there were a lot of rumors about sonu perhaps joining delhi is ruling ahmad me party very interesting that in the midst of it all

Now you have income tax surveys which are happening at six locations so let me go across to arun who’s joining us with more details uh aruni

if you can tell us about the six locations which are being surveyed by the income tax department what are they and any recoveries well since morning the income tax officials were at the residence

of sonu six locations of sonu sooth have been surveyed by the income tax department and as you mentioned just recently sonu

Has been appointed as the brand ambassador of ahmadny party’s mentorship program for school students in delhi and there were rumors whether solution will be going and joining the ahmadvi party immediately after that his house being surveyed the financial details being taken by the income tax department this is in relation to the uh to the social work charity work that solution during the covet lockdown sending

Sending hundreds of migrant workers back to their homes in in up and bihar especially migrant workers from mumbai were sent home by sonu so how come he had so much of money because flights were also arranged by him trains were also arranged train tickets were also arranged by him so how how sonu had that kind of money to send hundreds of workers back home base to investigate that uh i.t team were at his residence since morning surveying several

Financial documents his bank account details were also sort of sought by the i.t department of whether later on any action will be initiated by the income tax department that we will be keeping a close eye on but clearly uh uh his house was raided and six other locations that we understand are okay from uttar pradesh’s relatives houses were also surveyed by the income tax department that is what we are understanding from the it sources okay that’s interesting

So not just sonu properties related to him even his relatives houses are being raided as aruni also reminds us that there has been a lot of buzz that he may join instead of being just an actor he may even join active politics by joining the yamani party which has not been confirmed nor denied by sonu suit so far we’re going to be tracking the developments very closely thank you so much arun for joining us

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