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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Rajiv Rana will be seen in Anushka Sen’s film am i Next in important role.

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Rahat Kazmi Film Studios’ movie Am I Next has been creating quite a lot of buzz and for all the right reasons, if we might add. After winning the Best Feature Film award at one of the film festivals, the movie has won two more awards at the Boston Film Festival –

 Rajeev rana , who plays the important in the movie, spoke to media about the win and told us, ”The turning point in Rajeev’s actingcarrier came when he got a call from Rahat Kazmi for a very important role in his film “AM I NEXT”starring Annushka Sen, Swaropa Gosh, Rajeev Rana, Mir Sarwar , Pooja Dargan, Monika

Agarwal ,Pankaj Khajuria, Neelo Dogra Tariq Khan, Satish Bhat, Reetu Kanta and Pankaj Kanta. RahatKazmi discussed the script and the role which is negative in nature but very powerful character, heaccepted and did that film. This film won 6 International awards best film in Sweden internationalfilm festival, Best Social Cause film in IIFF Boston USA, Best actress Annushka Sen, Silver Award inHollywood gold awards, Outstanding achievement award

narrative feature world film carnivalSingapore and new York movie awards I am extremely grateful to have won Best Film in Boston Film Festival. This film ‘Am I Next’ is super close to my heart cause the role was definitely the most challenging till date. I’m proud that this film promotes a good message, people can learn a lot from this film. And I’m fortunate to be a part of such an important film.

Thanks to my Director Sir Rahat Kazmi ji.  Am I Next is a content-driven film based on true events and has been shot in Jammu. The movie narrates the tale of a girl, abused at a young age, however, she fights back and also goes on to stand up for others who have been a victim of the same.

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