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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Krishi Deshpande’s GlareMedia to alter the landscape of the video- content Industry!

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Reflecting upon the wildly soaring demand and hype of rich high-quality content,it’s absolutely evident that the content-producing industry is seeing rapid growth
with many new players emerging in the field, trying their best to alter it’s blueprint.Today, we’re talking about the one player that stands out among the thousands.
GlareMedia- a brilliant content-producing agency raised ground up by a 15 year old
genius- Krishi Deshpande.That’s quite a surprise, isn’t it? A 15- year old youngster on his way to lead one of
the most hyped up and competitive industries of the recent times. Sure it’s a surprise. But not just hard luck. The one who in 4th grade created a power rangers movie out of a mobile phone that the other kids of his age barely knew how to

unlock back then, doesn’t run after luck when he comes with a mind filled with
unthinkable curiosity and zeal to push through the limits to something overly
dramatic. Krishi got his hands on video editing and couldn’t hold back from exploring the
creative content industry. He introduced this excellent agency in May 2021 which
is now generating thousands of dollars. It’s startling to know how much this startup
has grown and achieved in such a small span of time. The journey of this agency is truly praiseworthy. When it comes to building brands, It’s brilliant strategies and
marketing techniques of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent high-quality content skillfully acquires a clearly defined audience with profitable
customer action, leading to more high paying global clients reaching out to
Glare Media.
GlareMedia comes with an incredible army of content writers, video editors, voice-
over artists and social media strategists hustling and growing together everyday,
keeping themselves updated with the popular trends going around and shaping

themselves to cope up with the pace of the rapidly changing industry. With high- quality content and timely delivery, Glare knows how to keep it’s clients to itself. It respects the clients it works with and gives its best to meet the demands and expectations of them with utmost cooperation. As Glare has already gained momentum in the content-producing industry, Deshpande clearly doesn’t stop here. GlareMedia is soon stepping up to enter the wide world of digital marketing. With glare, many renowned companies have thrived and many individuals have earned support to introduce their companies and build their brands. The way Krishi Deshpande with his splendid entrepreneurial skills along with expertise in quality content and his extremely enthusiastic team are working towards expanding and reintroducing the video-content producing industry, it is absolutely amazing. If it keeps up with the pace, Glare is here only to

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