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Instagram Stories set to take on TikTok by going vertical; Here’s what you will get

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You may soon be able to swipe Instagram Stories vertically. This, after TikTok achieved amazing success with its app.

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Instagram Stories are set to get a makeover! Yes, Instagram looks likely to step into the world of TikTok and roll out a feature that helped provide this Chinese app tremendous success. What will it look like? Well, Matt Navarra, the social media consultant noted that Meta-owned Instagram is testing a new vertical swipe stories feed in Turkey. Right now, Instagram stories are horizontally-scrollable. If this update will be live for all the users, then you will be able to move from one person’s story to another with the vertical move, while horizontally, you can swipe between the different stories from the same user. The vertical story feature will give it a more TikTok like feel. In short, Instagram Stories will empower your finger fully- just swipe vertically or horizontally. Here’s how it will look:

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Not just in Turkey, but Tech journalist Thássius Veloso also revealed about the vertical story feature update in Brazil. This can be seen as a possibility that the other countries may receive the update soon with the vertical story feature. A year ago in February 2021, Instagram had already announced that the social media giant was working on a vertical stories feature, but till that time no user was able to use this feature.

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Turning Instagram Stories into a vertical feed would be a significant change, and one that might pave the way for a shift away from more static material, such as photographs and reshared Feed items, which now dominate the Stories section of Instagram. On the other hand, Instagram would most likely prefer video posts above photographs in a “Vertical Stories” feed.

In December, Instagram began testing a new maximum video length limit for Stories videos, which was increased from 15 to 60 seconds. While users may previously post videos up to one minute long on Instagram Stories, they are now divided into four 15-second segments. The Meta-owned firm is also experimenting with new ways to organize the feed, as well as the ability to customise the profile grid. It’s unclear when, or if, these features will be LIVE to all users.

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