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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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“5 minute mei English Khatam Ho Jayegi”: Afghanistan Captain Mohammad Nabi before PC

After Afghanistan’s win against Scotland in their opening Super 12 T20 World Cup match on Monday, the winning captain, who was in a...

Taliban released ISIS-K recruiter Aijaz Ahangar from Afghanistan jail, India’s most-wanted terrorist

Let's begin the broadcast with this super news break another proof of the Pakistan Taliban nexus is out now in the open among thousands of...

US strike targets suicide bomber ‘aiming to attack Kabul airport

The u.s military has confirmed in the last few minutes that it's carried out a drone strike today on a vehicle in Kabul as...

Death toll from Kabul airport blasts Rises to- 90

Flights are still taking off from Kabul airport a day after two militant bomb attacks at thegates of the airport killed as many as...

Afghan Crisis: CIA director William Burns and Abdul Ghani held a secret meeting in Kabul

Of united nations united states say the 31st of August is the deadline for them to remove the troops and they may look at reviewing...

Seven died in the crowds outside Kabul Airport

The situation at Kabul's airport is said to be calm today after at least seven people died therein chaotic scenes on Saturday thousands of people...

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